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  • I have a blog with ~15k posts, and a DB size of 14.4M.

    The website works blazingly fast from the front end, but post-edit and post-listing screens hang – either loading partially or not at all.

    Even worse, the entire server gets bogged down after trying…

    Examining the process manager showed that /public_html/wp-admin/edit.php or /public_html/wp-admin/post.php (post-listing and post-edit, respectively – yeah I know they seem backwards) was eating 99% CPU.

    I experienced this problem on a 3rd tier Bluehost VPS, so I upgraded to a Heart Internet Hybrid 250 (12core, 28gb ram) to try and mitigate the problem – no dice :/

    This is a fresh install with no plugins using Twenty Twelve

    Any help getting this resolved is greatly appreciated!!

    edit: This might be pertinent: When on the add-new or post-edit pages the title loads and is editable, but the content editor loads halfway. Additionally, the text appears but is white and only visible when highlighted…

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  • Figured out a solution but never updated it here: the problem lies with how WP treats pages on admin screens. They try to pull all the info re:parent/child (hierarchy), and when you have more than ~200 pages things tend to get dicey with all the calls/code being executed. 15k pages doesn’t work, but 15k posts works no problemo 🙂

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