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    I have setup my wordpress several days ago and now I have been confronted with the problem that everytime I open my pages my computer becomes very slow and I have to wait a long time to display the whole page,during this time the apache.exe exhausted my cpu resource(100%),I have search the forum and found a little imformation that can help me.I don’t know why,Help

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  • Can you tell us:
    – is this your server / a webhost?
    – what are it’s specs
    – which pages cause this? admin pages? pages you have posted?
    – is there anything in the error log?

    I test this on my own computer which is a notebook
    (P-M 1.4 768M Memory)
    the index page,the admin pages are very well(0.x seconds)
    Apache 2.0.55 Php 5 wordpress 2.02

    and here is the logs

    [Moderated – long and complicated stuff snipped 🙂 ]

    the index pages are very slow and the admin pages are very well

    I’m running xampp (apache/mysql/php etc) on a similar machine with no issues.

    Is there are content which does this? Do you have any firewall which prevents outbound connections?

    I don’t know
    and there is another point to say
    my posts contain Chinese articles
    But I don’t think this is the main factor.

    Being in Chinese shouldn’t matter.
    Admin pages load more code than posted pages so I’d look first to removing all external links.

    I have found the reason
    When I deactivate the plugin Code Snippet
    All things go well
    3x for your help
    But can you tell me which plugin should I use which can help me type html/php code in post?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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