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    Okee, this isn’t a huge deal, but I’d like to see what the deal is.
    I would never have noticed this if not trying to sort out some SEO stuff.

    Anyway, I’ve installed an SEO plugin for meta junk, and breadcrumbs. That made me notice that (you can see the issue in the breadcrumb on each page)
    This page is a subpage of Home. This is good, its what I want. Each CPT page is not home.
    This page comes up in the breadcrumb as home. (it is registered exactly the same as the above link, except I didn’t enable categories and tags)
    This page also thinks its Home. The only difference in this when registered is a custom taxonomy.

    So all 3 CPTs are registered the same in code. All 3 have similar settings in my SEO plugin. Why do 2 pages think they are home, but one doesn’t? I would like for them all to not think they are home, so I can get proper breadcrumbs, and meta stuff

    All 3 pages are top level (no parent), all 3 use custom templates (the only difference between templates is query by CPT and layout stuff). I can’t see any difference, or reason for this? It also keeps current class from being applied to the menu items for these for css purposes. I have found info about that, but the solutions offered only act as workarounds to get the class applied. They don’t remedy the situation

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  • Sure thing….. it’ll be a few, but I’ll get on it asap

    OK, testing is done. On the child theme, none of the CPT template pages registered as current-menu-item.

    I made the theme, added the CPTs and the 1 custom tax, exactly per my original theme. I then made 3 page templates to assign to the 3 CPTs, again exactly as my theme.

    When visiting any of the CPT template pages, the current-menu-item stayed on Home.

    And the plot thickens…..

    So, when I just query a CPT, it’s all fail. The pages register as Home.

    I just realized that for the one CPT, on the template page I was also querying a category from normal posts. That’s the difference.

    So if normal posts and CPTs are together on the page, it will register properly as current-menu-item, and display properly in my breadcrumbs.

    If its just CPT, it fails, and does none of that

    Hmmm, I wonder if the new CPT archive feature coming in 3.1 will remedy this problem? If so, I’m happy to wait!

    It might be worth adding this as a possible bug in Trac.

    seems like comment 13 kind of touches on this, but it seems to go deeper than just the nav menu…. but I’m not sure totally……

    I may wait it out for 3.1 and go from there, since there are changes afoot

    OK, its looking good

    I just started digging into 3.1 on my dev install. The current-menu-item issue has resolved. So that’s the biggie. I haven’t added in the same plugins yet or anything to test fully, but 3.1 is looking good as a fix

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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