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  • I had previously created a CPT-onomy based on a custom post type that is being created in my theme’s PHP file and which is associated with a different custom post type created in my theme’s PHP file.

    Upon upgrading to version 1.3.4 of the plugin, the checkboxes associated with the CPT-onomy all possess a “disabled” attribute and cannot be changed.

    Downgrading back to 1.3.3 re-enabled the checkboxes.

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  • Possible workaround or clue to fixing this problem….

    I too recently found all my CPT-onomy checkboxes being disabled as described above. (This was a new install, so I don’t know if it was version-related.) After trying a bunch of different things — looking for plugin conflicts, manually editing the plugin code — I finally discovered that the glitch seemed to be related to the SLUG of the custom post type that was being registered as a CPT-onomy.

    My custom post types that were set up with a HYPHEN in their slugs DIDN’T WORK as CPT-onomies (their checkboxes were disabled). When I edited my CPTs so the slugs had NO HYPHENS (a-z only), the checkboxes worked.

    Hope this helps!

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    My CPT had a hyphen in the slug, so this may very well have been the issue.

    I have since booted this plugin and come up with another solution, but thanks for commenting!

    Just confirming that I experienced this bug as well. Also reporting on the developer’s GitHub page.

    Also experiencing this issue. My CPT also has a hyphen. I do not want to change that however. I would like to see a code fix. The hyphens are important for readability.

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