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    I need to do an emergency backup of a WordPress blog, I think it is an early version 2.0.X, though I have no precise idea right now.

    So, the basic problem is that the file I have to work with was an emergency homedirectory backup via CPanel and there is no way I can touch the original installation, the server this was on has been wiped completely. To make this even nicer than anything, this WP was running on a dedicated IP-adress rather than a domain. Of course that IP is now also defunct and gone. So – to make this absolutely clear – there is NO way I can go back and do an orderly migration. The CPanel backup is all which was rescued of the whole hosting account.

    The CPanel backup was set up on a new server, so the result is a working MySQL database having the same password and users as the old one. The blog is “there” in a way, I can reach the raw data written into the db, they display, of course without any CSS or pictures. The basic links of the various posts don’t work, they all point to the former dedicated IP. I can’t of course reach the admin area either.

    Now I tried to set the new URL through PHPMyAdmin in the database, for both the blog URL and homedirectory. This didn’t get me any further. I seem to remember some issue with clearing a cache, but right now I’m as addled about this as can be, as I’m parallely also doing rescue ops on several other and different CMS all on that wiped server.

    I read the various guides for migration, but they do not appear to be pertinent to such a situation.

    So anyone have ideas how I can fix this?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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