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    Our site isn’t published yet, so I don’t have a link to provide.

    I am using a Cover and want to modify the CSS so that the text appears on the bottom with a background bar.

    This is all I have so far:

    div.wp-block-cover__inner-container a, a:visited {
    	align-self: end;
    	color: #fff;

    align-self is not working, it’s keeping the text in the middle of the image.

    I have the opacity on the overlay set to 0% because I don’t want it over the entire image, just the bottom so the text stands out.

    An example screenshot is below. The text as it is appearing with the code currently is in the middle of the image. How I want it to appear is at the bottom. Any help is highly appreciated!

    Example image

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  • Hi! Is this happening just in the Karuna theme, curiously, or is it something with the cover block in general? If it’s with the cover block in general, I’d ask in the general forums. I saw an older thread that recommended align-self: end, but that’s not working for me either, regardless of theme.

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    I went there first and they wouldn’t help me because “it’s not a WordPress issue”. This is that post:

    Original thread

    Because your site is not public, we have no real way to examine what is going on so that we can offer help. We would need to see the live site code to troubleshoot. Do you have the option to make the site public temporarily? If not there is little we can do here I’m afraid.

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    We are not ready to publish at this time and can revisit if needed. Thank you.

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