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    I have courses and products on my website, so when i purchase the course by the woocommerce checkout is asking me the adress to “send” the course.

    How can i make the course a “virtual product” so woocommerce doesnt ask me for the adress.??

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Or maybe if you can tell me what is the product type of the courses when they are in woocommerce checkout

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    Thanks for reaching us here!
    You can enable the WooCommerce checkout in the STM LMS Settings > General > Enable Woocommerce checkout and when the customers would click “Get course” button, buy a course with a one-time purchase type, it will direct them to the Woocommerce’s checkout page which is /lms-checkout by default. Please note you need to set Cart and Checkout Pages before enabling it. On the checkout page, the address will not be asked, it will be asked the payment gateway method for further process of purchase. [screenshot]
    Please be kindly informed that if you switch on “Enable WooCommerce Checkout”, the function “Payment Methods” of the theme will be disabled.

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    Thats not my actual problem 🙁 I already did that and it is asking for the address and shipping info.

    So i think i need to add some snippet or something that tell woocommerce that the course is a virtual product.

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    Hello! I havent heard from you and i really need help!

    Is still showing me the shipping methods on the checkout when i buy a course. I need to make woocommerce to take the courses as a virtual product.

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    Is the FOURTH time i wrote because i need help, im really regreting buying the pro version.

    I need a snippet for woocommerce to detect the courses as a virtual product.

    Hey, is hard to say that but i found an proper solution. You need to instal this plugin for woocommerce ” Woocommerce Advanced Free Shipping ” and on instance u need to put ” weight equal to 0 “. Some observation on this solution, all of your products from WC shop need to be set at 1 kg, after that u need to go in WC seetings, at Shipping tab you see subcategory ” Advanced Free Shipping ” and check the box ” Hide other shipping methods when free shipping is available “. This solution is the best for me in this situation.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad spelling :))))

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