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    I need to somehow get the Coupon viewable on Ipad & Mobile.

    I have a sidebar on the main PC version of the website, but NOT on the Ipad and mobile as they are smaller screens. The Coupon is on the sidebar only on PC.

    So therefore now the Coupon doesn’t display on the Mobile or Ipad as we have no sidebar.

    I’m trying to figure out where else to put the COUPON to be viewed easily on Woocommerce site if there is NO sidebar. (mainly on the Ipad & mobile).

    I don’t think I can add it in the Header or the MObile Menu.
    I have already added another plugin popup to show the coupon as a popup. But it only pops up once, then no-one will remember it 5 minutes later on where to find the coupon. So therefore I have to find somewhere to put the Coupon visible easily on MObile and Ipad.

    So does someone have some other alternative ideas as I am completely stuck ? Obviously utilising the code for this plugin.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Can I have the Coupon displayed somewhere near the Checkout for Ipad and MObile version ?

    There is a spot where it says in Checkout to Enter in the Coupon in Woocommerce with plugin activated, but if no-one can see it, then they don’t know what the code is.

    Can I have the Coupon displayed in here somehow ?


    And also if the Coupon is NOT active, and the client goes to “ENTER COUPON” and you enter in the Coupon and it is NOT active, shouldn’t something popup and let the client know ?

    Nothing pops up for the client so they know that the Coupon is inactive and not current.


    Plugin Author Brian



    Sorry for the late reply. I am not sure how much I can help.

    Have you tried reaching out to the theme developer to see if they can get the sidebars to show in mobile?

    As for the coupons they are shortcodes so anywhere that accepts a shortcode can display the coupon.

    For WooCommerce I think on the cart or checkout page you have to modify their template to get additional content. There might be a plugin out that that adds fields in the admin that will display there?

    If you enter a coupon code in WooCommerce and it does not work I believe it does put a message over the cart to let you know it did not apply. That message can be modified by 3rd parties so if you are not seeing it that might be the case.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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