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    Hi, Stef:

    Sorry I added all those posts to the other person’s topic. Just saw your message to start my own topic, so I will copy everything over here, but first let me just say that after I reproduced the issue on my client’s staging site I was indeed still seeing it even after disabling every other plugin but Woo, AND changing to the Twentynineteen theme.

    More to follow, all from the other thread…

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    Hi, Stef: My client’s site is also having this same issue. They have standard coupons they use that are unlimited usage, no minimums, no maximums, and unrestricted in every aspect. The same error comes up, and as with others, this has just started recently. I have disabled all new plugins, but still seeing the issue.

    Is there something in Woocommerce itself that has recently changed? Thank you!



    This issue appears to have started around the time of the last Woocommerce update on 5/27/19. Is there a way to get the previous version and revert, just to test that?


    BTW this only happens when adding the coupon to an order added on the WordPress back end under “Add Order.” If we try the same coupon on the front end using the normal checkout procedure, it works fine.

    Also, all plugins we are using that are active have been there and working fine with no conflicts for some time. My client uses this method of adding orders a lot, and it only started failing recently, as per above. I tried clearing transients, and that also had no effect. Issue still present.


    Sorry to be spamming you with multiple posts, but just tried the same scenario on a staging site, where I actually created the coupon anew, it was never used before, had no limits set, and just like on the live site, it came back with the “exceeded usage limit” error when I tried to use it while adding an order on the back end. Then I tried adding the same coupon during checkout on the front end and it worked fine. So the coupons are not the problem. It’s something in the back end ordering functionality that is failing.


    Just one more bit of info: I just was able to reproduce this issue on the staging site with all plugins other than Woocommerce itself deactivated. It’s definitely Woocommerce, and my client has confirmed this was working fine before last week, so it seems it must be the last update.
    Okay, that brings this thread up to date, and apologies again for spamming the other thread. I stopped as soon as I saw your message. 🙂

    Awesome–thanks so much!



    If you want a work around, take the abstract-wc-order.php file from the last version 3.6.3 and replace it with and it’ll work for now while waiting.

    path is
    woocommerce > includes > abstract > abstract-wc-order.php

    Tested and works on both back and front.

    Thank you! 🙂



    Welcome. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Plugin Support Zach W


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

    You can follow the progress of the issue resolution here:

    Looks like it is has been approved, and will be fixed in version 3.6.5.

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