• I have configured sending coupons automatically when purchase is completed. Then, the customer receives a mail which contains a dicount coupon.

    The coupon is not created in the backoffice and if the user try to use it, he/she gets an error because coupon does not exists.

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    Thank you for reaching out.
    The Retainful plugin creates the unique coupons for the next order and maintains them separately.
    Creating it as a normal WooCommerce Coupon code will lead to bloating the Coupon Code section as these are just one time codes. After a point of a time, you might have thousands of these one time codes and you will have trouble managing other normal coupons.
    So these unique codes are maintained separately by the Retainful plugin.

    Is it possible to create a ticket at https://www.retainful.com/support with the coupon code you have received and the url of the site ?
    Let us have check


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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