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  • Hi there!

    My name is Zoe and my website is :
    (I sell electronic cigarettes)

    about three months ago I’ve created a coupon (6PACK) that should give customers 20% off IF they purchase 6 packs (or more) of refill cartridges.
    Here’s what I did to create this coupon:
    A). For the first condition,
    Property: Item Name
    Logic: Contains
    Value: Cartridges

    B). For the second condition,
    Property: total quantity
    Logic: Is greater than
    Value: 5

    If these two conditions are met, customers who enter the coupon code (6PACK) get the 20% off discount.

    However, every so often (once a week/two weeks) the second condition disappears (without anyone intentionally deleting it).
    Therefore, customers who purchase cartridges and enter the coupon code, get the 20% off discount, regardless of how many packs they purchase.

    I keep updating the second condition, and it works fine for a couple of days. But no matter what, it keeps disappearing.

    Why is this happening??? Please help me 🙂
    Thank you!

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