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  • I like the coupon option however I wanted to know if anybody could tell me how I can enforce that TWO products must be in the cart for a coupon to be effective.

    For example I want to sell CDs. I have 7 different ones available however I only want to give a discount if 2 specific CDs are bought..

    I set up my coupon to the value of £7 as a Cart Discount and added CD1 and CD2 into the cart to test… I applied coupon and £7 was correctly discounted however the problem arises when I delete one CD1 from the cart, the discount is still valid as CD2 is still in the cart..

    CD1 is £12 and CD2 is £10 and if both are bought together I want to have cart total of £15.

    If I was to add CD1 to the cart or CD2 and apply discount it takes £7 off regardless of the fact that just one CD is present.

    I hope I am making sense in what I am saying….


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  • The only thing that I can see is that there is a minimum cart value before the coupon could be used. That doesn’t help you unless all of your CD’s are the same price / they all have a value at or below x, where x+1 is your gateway for the coupon to come into effect.


    Hi Chris
    Thanks for your suggestion
    I have managed to create a variation of your suggestion which will work…

    What I’ve done is created coupon with minimum spend £22 (CD1 @ £12 and CD2 @ £10) and then added CD1 & CD2 to the MUST BE IN CART option….

    Then to avoid the ability of anybody trying to apply the discount to anything other than the two above CDs… I have added all the other CDs to the EXCLUDE ITEMS option / area.

    This way if CD3 is in the cart it will say “coupon does not apply to your cart contents” and if CD2 is NOT in the cart but CD1 is the total is only £12 therefore it will say that minimum spend for coupon is £22.

    Its a long winded way around but to the customer it wont matter as all they will hopefully be doing is adding coupon code to the cart once they’ve added the “offer cds” to the cart…..

    Thanks again for y our help.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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