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  • I’ve been using % off coupon codes on my website that uses wp-ecommerce for quite a while with no problem. Now I’m trying to use $ codes, such as $60 towards the entire purchase. If they buy an item that costs $60 or ten of the same $6 item, it works perfectly. If someone buys five $60 different items, however, the $60 coupon gets applied to each item, making the entire purchase free. Or they try to use it towards ten $6 items and they can’t check out because it shows a negative dollar amount. (Since each $6 item got a discount of $60!)

    Also not sure which version of WordPress I’m using. The site was created by web designers that are no longer in business. (Now I see why…) Am working on hiring new designers. In the meantime, how do I determine the version of the site when I’m logged in?


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  • The version should be in the Right Now box on the dashboard.


    Thanks – I have version 2.8. Will be upgrading once I get my new designers on board. Anyone have ideas on the coupon code problem in the meantime? Thank you!

    I am having the exact same problem. Any solutions to the coupon code issue?

    No solutions found on my end. Had to stop using coupon codes. I was told if I upgrade the site and all the plugins it may work… Decided not to spend the money on something that “might” work!

    Not sure if its related to your version or not, but for version 3.2.1 if you untick the “apply on all products” box in the specific coupons info it only applies once rather than per item. Should fix your problem. Hope it helps.

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