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  • Hello. A friend just told me about WordPress last night and I am really looking forward to setting aside some time this weekend to ditch my current installation of Movable Type on my site and move to this. I had a couple questions that I guess go under the feature banner so here goes…

    First up, is there a way to set an image to display for posts in category-x? A couple of the categories I have include music and movies, for example, and I already have icons set up for each, and so if there is a way to have it display for a defined category, I’d really like that.

    Second up, while not absolutely necessary I was wondering if there was some possible intergration for IPB. I’m not looking for a full user db intergration since I can just turn comments off simply. But if you go ahead and look at my site as I have it set up now it follows a form of title / post / self-made discussion link to topic on my board. I was wondering if there was a plugin or a way to have a post made in WP link to a topic/post/whatever of my choosing somewhere on the board instead of what I am assuming the default would be, a WP-made comment/view page. I am not looking for the posting of that topic to be done through WP and IPB at the same time, I tend to post shorter blurbs on the front page and more detailed posts on the board as a whole sort of “read more” kind of deal.

    An added bonus would be the ability to define the topic number that I am linking to on the board and having it draw up information (via the IPB SDK) on information such as replies, views, and last poster. I did a quick search of the boards here and found that there appears to be no plugin like this made yet. Someone did suggest a solution using the IPB SDK but that discussion didn’t go too far beyond that. I do have the SDK installed and working and if someone out there was willing to work with me on this to get a solution going that would be wonderful. Again, the latest replies, etc is all just a bonus, just having an entry link to a topic would be wonderful enough.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

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  • First welcome to the WP family, if even only tenetively.
    For your first inquiry about the categories & images, yes it’s possible. It may take some work, but if done carefully, should be superb. You may want to start with the Codex and learn about some of the Template Tags and how the Theme system works. Odds are 90% of the info you need will be in there. (as a hint, by having a file category-x.php where X is the category number, you can use a different look.)

    As for IPB, I’m not sure. I don’t think any one has done any integration work for 1.5… and most of what has been done has been for phpBB. And I’m not familiar enough with IPB to even venture a guess of any kind on how to proceed.


    Well I do have some expierence on working with the IPB SDK and perhaps after I get something like the category images set up and get familar with WP, I will know more of what I am trying to talk about and could get something going.

    As for the SDK, here’s what I know I can do know. The SDK comes with templates that give examples of how the code works, complete with debug outputs, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting. We’ll go ahead and use this for a relevant example, the template for the topic list. As you can see you get a listing of the most recent active topics and links to them. That’s what we’re not interested in. If you scroll to the bottom and click on “debug” you see all the variables that are available to use for each topic.

    [tid] => 3032 would be the most important bit here, giving the id of a topic you want to link to. [posts] => 0 is the current number of replies to said topic and [views] => 3 is the current number of views to said topic.

    For the front page of my site I have gone ahead and manipulated that code into something that spits out this, just letting more variables be used like the ones I just said.

    Each link you see there is a result of this code:
    <tr><td width=60%><a href="'.$SDK->board_url.'?showtopic='.$i['tid'].'">'.$i['title'].'</a></td><td width=15%><a href="'.$SDK->board_url.'?showuser='.$i['last_poster_id'].'">'.$i['last_poster_name'].'</a></td><td width=5%>'.$i['posts'].'</td><td width=5%>'.$i['views'].'</td><td width=15%>'.date("H:i Y/m/d", $i['last_post']).'</td></tr>

    So what I’m getting at here is the possiblity to work with someone to make a plugin for WP which would add another option to the posting screen to link whatever entry one is about to make to a coresponding topic on one’s board by just typing in the number of the topic in question.

    For not even having WP installed yet I’m being kind of ambitious but I’m figuring this can be done, hopefully.

    But I’ll work on the category images first 😉

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