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  • 1.) Is it possible to throttle the import so it doesn’t make the server hurt.

    2.) Does it produce some kind of a report that shows how many records were imported and how long they took?

    Actually in my case we are importing data daily from a feed. Some of the records are new and some of them are just updating existing records. So a report of some kind that listed each day would be nice..maybe headers like this:

    Date | Time start | time stop | # of posts updated | # of new posts | status

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  • Hello,

    1. The import uses wordpresses fetch_feed, I wouldn’t worry about it weighing down the server since the import only runs when you set the cron to (if you want to be really safe you can even have it fetch during the night using a scheduled task).
    2. There is a log of when and how many posts where imported, I’ll look into adding your idea about logging how much time each import took.
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