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  • 1) Nested comments. No need to nest them. The same effect can be achieved by indenting each comment in the style sheet e.g. depth-2 [margin-left:30px} depth-3 {margin-left:50px}
    Nesting the comments makes it painful to style them, as can be seen by trawling the internet – no one really bothers.

    2)Custom post types. As far as I can see they only work properly if edit_posts capability is also added to the role i.e every role accessing a custom post type will then find that the custom post type also has an Add New Post icon. Would be glad to be proved wrong. Currently I get error messages (not allowed to edit this post) every time auto-save kicks in, and all taxonomies are disabled unless a role is given edit_posts capabilities.

    3)Custom post types. Access to the Admin screen for a role requires read capability i.e. the Dashboard icon is visible. Not neat, though I understand a snippet of code will remove it.

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  • You can turn off nested comments and style your site’s css however you want.

    We can turn off nested comments, correct.

    At that point we lose all the ‘Reply to this user’ stuff, plus all the div classes churned out by WP. So yeah, we can go back a few years if we choose.

    If you want to keep the reply-to part, keep nested comments on and just edit your comments.php and style.css to look how you want. A lot of themes do that 🙂

    I know 🙂 I’ve done it.

    It’s possible, it’s just bloody inconvenient having to mess around in functions.php and function list_comments($comment, $args, $depth) blah blah adding my own div in, because the nested divs make it so awkward. It took me ages to figure it out, too, though it’s very simple.

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