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  • Hi, can i just say what a tremendous looking theme manta is

    This is my first post and my first time experiencing wordpress so as you can expect everything is confusing and new, i am not a coder or advanced in site making, in fact this is my first attempt of a site myself

    Ok so my questions if you may help please

    1. My site how and where can i edit the “this could be a title” and “this a second title” i cannot find this anywhere.?

    2. In my mantra settings/layout settings i have choose three columns one side bar on each side option and they dont show am i missing something to activate this please ? ive looked in widgets and can see primary widget sidebar 1 setc but no idea how to get them to show on my site

    sorry for all the text here i do hope you can help me in the easiest possible way
    thank you!

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  • 1. I see you’ve found them.

    2. The layouts do not apply to the presentation page, but the rest of the content (which at the moment you have none). Create a page / category and you’ll see the selected layout there.

    I appreciate your response thank you, is there no way of my having a slider image thingy and side menus on a home page ? its a shame because i like the look of that presentation page too but must have sidebars on front end page

    thank you very much

    The whole point of the presentation page is to be different than the rest of the website.
    If you absolutely want the sidebar, you can easily use a standard page, add a slider plugin and create the 4 columns using a 4 cells HTML table.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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