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  • Might I suggest an addition or suggestion for upcoming releases. I must say that overall, I am a big fan of the program and think it has a lot of potential (Despite my difficulties and questions posted elsewhere 🙂 I also really applaud your program’s idea of sticking as much as possible to standards.
    So here’s my suggestion…. I suggest a small change to install, with either no first post set up by the program’s install or the option of changing the default category (because I think it would be nice to choose all your categories). I make this request, because I found (even if you login as admin) even if you remove the first default post (in General), it still leaves a footprint in the database (mine is MySQL) , which is picked up by the category loop. Hence, the only thing you can do if you are like me, is change the category name (to what ever you want) and basically keep or change opening message. I understand the purpose of the post and why it’s important, but I would just like to suggest more flexibility.

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  • I could suggest removing the category in mySQL but then there is the question of the db table relationships. Which suggests a volunteer opportunity for creating an ER chart for WP. 😉

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