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  • MaximumFish


    Hi there,

    Firstly, love the plugin! It’s been amazing for making pages with custom content for different devices. Thanks so much.

    Now to my questions…

    1) The plugin has the [windowsmobile] shortcode for Windows Mobile devices. Now, is that for the ancient Windows Mobile or the far more recent (and current) Windows Phone? Because the latter would be far more useful!

    2) Currently we offer apps for iOS and Android but not Windows Phone. I was busy writing a block of generic text that would show up on non-desktops to offer these apps, but then I realised that it would also show up on Windows Phone devices offering an app that doesn’t exist! To rectify this I had to make two identical blocks of text, one for iOS and one for Android.

    Not ideal, so I was wondering if it would be possible to add shortcodes such as [notwindowsmobile], [notios] and [notandroid] to more finely tune the content offered?

    Your thoughts greatly appreciated and thanks once again for this fantastic plugin.

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