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    1. This forum is great…I have learned so much about CSS…

    I have a few questions about how to do some things in wordpress that seem like they shoudl work, but do not….

    Maybe somebody can help….

    The site I am working on is for a friends clothing company….

    I am using a modified version of Dark Blix template.
    The updated CSS can be found at

    Here are the things I am trying to do but am having issues with

    1. I would like to see if I can set the header graphic as a fixed image….I know you’re all going to tell me I have to set up a modified frame set-up to do this…but is there another way.

    2. I have embedded 2 fonts into the site….You should see that as the page loads…

    1 font is for the nav bar. I am trying to give all of my nav links a cool outlined font, but I am having a hell of a time. Everytime I attempted to code it, I found that all parameters of the text for the nav bar is bypassed….

    Any help on that?

    3. I am trying to find the padding code for the area between the bottom of the nav bar and the top of the headings area.As you can see, they run togeather….If someone can point out where that padding code is, I can give a space there, which will start to create the 3D effect I am going for a little bit.

    4. Between the heading and the text of the entry, I have a little white dashed line break….Where is this in the code and how can I change it….I know what I want and the CSS coding callouts for what I want, I just cannot find this dashed line break in the code anywhere….Can someone help???

    5. This one is probably a stretch, but the guy who asked me to design his site (Owner of Militree clothing) is an artist and has no web-design experience, so of course he designs this awesome page that is very difficult to code.

    One of the things he was asking about was if the whole text and heading table area (The whole area where posts, info, text, pics, show up) can be given it’s own seperate scroll bar and the main pages scroll bar can be disabled.

    Here is the conceptual I was given:

    You can see the scroll arrows in the text area….Is this possible?

    Thanks so much for all the help

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  • Whew, what a post!

    1. Not sure. Never wanted that before.

    2. #navigation ul li a refers to the links in your navigation bar. Change as necessary. If you’re trying to use your OWN special non-standard font, good luck. You’ll have to use images like the rest of us 😛 If you don’t mind using Flash, check out sIFR :

    3. #navigation { padding-bottom: 10px; } Change as necessary.

    4. First off, you know that it’s a dotted border, right? So in the CSS, it must be called ‘dotted’, correct? So it’s time to do some investigative work. Open your stylesheet, CTRL+F to find, and search for ‘dotted’. I believe you have two or three values for ‘dotted’, so change them one at a time to figure out which one it is. (Or change them to different colors)

    5. Not sure, but it’s a very similar technique to question #1.

    1) Don’t understand ‘fixed’. You mean absolute positioning? Why won’t background: work?

    2) You should research this more. <font> (including font-face) is deprecated and will cause headaches. The sifr link above may be more appropriate and will fail gracefully.

    5) Make the container a fixed size and use overflow:scroll; should work…

    I still cannot find the border spacing between the heading and the text of a post.

    It appears to be a dashed border as opposed to dotted, but either way, I searched both CSS layouts for Dashed or dotted. I found a couple of entries, none appear to control the white dotted border….

    IS there perhaps another file this information would be hiding in???

    I will have a couple of questions later…

    Oh, Yosemite, your answer to #5 is a good one, and probably what I will try. That’s alot easier than making frames, and I can code in whatever type of scroll bar I want to control it….

    I have a quick question: what browser are you using to code this in? I’m guessing IE, because it’s *seriously* screwed in Firefox. To save yourself headaches, you should code for a standards compatible browser *first* – fix IE later. Makes life much easier for you.

    To answer questions:

    1) if you’re looking to have the header *always* be where it’s at with no movement at all, then yes, you’ll need a “frameset” type of deal. However, you can do it striclty in CSS with Sam’s suggestion up there: put “overflow:scroll;” or “overflow:auto;”in your stylesheet for the content area, and define a height for it.

    2) embedding fonts is a bad idea – no one likes to be forced to have something put on their computer without consent. It also only works for IE users – no one else will see your fonts.

    3) & 4) – As I said, it’s toally screwed up – I can’t see either your header *or* your navigatinal bar at all. You have far larger issues than padding!

    5) Any design is doable with CSS. From the image comp you posted, this does look pretty simple – however, you have to know CSS to accomplish it. To me, this thing could be done pretty quickly, and doesn’t look too difficult at all.

    Scroll arrows in the text area would necessitate DHTML (which uses javascript) – can totally be done, but if someone comes to the site with javascript turned off, they won’t work.

    In the end, I have suggestions: 1) do the code in Firefox (or Opera, or Kinqueror, or Safari – ANYTHING but IE to save yourself massive head trauma) first. 2) Validate your code and CSS. Fix the errors that come up. 3) After all that, fix it in IE with conditional comments.

    Don’t know how much that helps, but hopefully it at least gets you started (me and everyone else’s suggestions!)

    Wow, I never even looked at the page in IE…

    If you use Firefox, get the Web Developer’s Toolbar. Extremely useful, especially for those small problems that refer to a piece of CSS that can be tough to find. You can just click on CSS>Edit CSS, and you’ll be able to edit the CSS and view the page essentially in real time.

    1. I had to re format the code for the image header, but now everything appears to line up in Firefox….I guess using the multiple browers for testing is important…Grrr… I should have known to check, especially developers (or anyone who provides help) use alot of non standard items like Opera and Firefox.

    2. The thing that is driving me crazy is the dashed line breaks (or borders) that appear between my headline and my post…. I have searched for this code for hours, and cannot find it. I am using Dark Blix Template…..

    3. The space above my header image got bigger somehow… I would guestimate there is about 50-75PX gap between the top of my image and the top of the container….How can I reduce this to a 5-10px gap?????

    4….Now I have to figure out how to insert images into the nav bar instead of embedding font. I agree that embedded fonts are a pain, and I wouldn’t use them, but my arists boss needs them, so I will have images created to mimic the text….I assume there are some good tutorials for inserting images into the nav bar instead of font….

    IF anyone can help with 2-3, It would really help….

    Actually, 1 more thing…

    I changed the container overflow to scroll…

    What this did was set a scroll bar on the outer edge of my sidebar….

    Is there away to get this into the heading/text/post container….

    I assume I need to isolate my sidebar from my post container, but I am not sure how to do this… I am also having problems editing the size and location of my sidebar, but I know that these problems are all interlinked somehow….


    Jeremy –

    It seems to me you’d be better off just writing your own code, rather than using another theme design and altering it.

    In fact, I’m playing with it right now. (Yes, I’m that bored at the moment.) If I get anywhere, I’ll post back so I can send it to you.

    The border is in the HTML Source:

    <h2 style="border-bottom: 1px solid rgb(238, 238, 238); padding-bottom: 5px;"><a href="" title="Permalink">ANother Test Post</a></h2>

    Icono….Yes, I see that as well now, but how do I edit that.

    The callout before is “entry”, but when I run through my CSS’s, I cannot find anything that has controled that.

    I am going to play around a little, but if anyone could let me know where to find this in my CSS, I would appreciate it.



    It’s not in your CSS. It’s in your index.php file. Using the FTP program of your choice, download index.php to your hard drive. Open it up with Wordpad and find the line:

    <h2 style="border-bottom: 1px solid rgb(238, 238, 238); padding-bottom: 5px;">[A bunch of PHP stuff]</h2>

    Delete the

    style="border-bottom: 1px solid rgb(238, 238, 238);

    Save the file. Upload it again to your wp-content/themes/themename/ folder.

    You may want to keep a backup of Index.php before you do this, just in case you screw something up.

    Yeah, I found it about 30 seconds after I said I couldn’t find it…..

    Thanks so much for the help


    Cool, can you mark this resolved now?

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