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  • pb52


    I have been using this plugin for 30 minutes and I love it.

    I use the collapse-o-matic plugin for drop down sections and while you can build your content in the Visual Editor, you have to finalise it a text editor to remove spurious formatting and include formatting codes on which collapse-o-matic relies.

    Ths standard text editor is barely useful for that purpose. I wanted a numbered line editor and WP Editor is that and so much more. collapse-o-matic plugin users should consider WP Editor a mandatory companion (I will add a post to that effect on their plu-in page).

    I do however have a couple of issues:

    1. WP Editor appears to be incompatible with the Emoji+ plugin. If you place an emoji at the end of a line, you can’t edit the text on that line with WP Editor. You have to delete the emoji first.

    2. WP Editor replaces the   tag with a blank line. That’s great under normal circumstances but not when you are editing for collapse-o-matic.

    The problem is that the Visual Editor inserts spurious blank lines, or blank lines instead of   tags, or even multiple   tags.

    But collapse-o-matic depends on there being a single  tag between sections so I need to be able to see those tags, as well as any pure blank lines.

    Is there a way to make WP Editor display the   tags please?

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