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  • Dear friends,
    I’ve installed WooCommerce on a “non production” WP blog to get the gist of it and love it but have a couple of preliminary questions please:

    1) Unlike the “automatic” installation which changed my blog main page, I would like to be able to install woocommerce without anything but a SHOP link onto the original blog and have the blog keep its modified Dyad theme and when I click on the SHOP link go to a separate WP install on the same server with the Storefront theme. Is this a good idea? Would it be possible to achieve this with only one WP install and two separate CSSs ?

    2) I have setup two shipping zones, a default one for all of Italy and then a “Store pickup” free of charge for people willing to walk in my store in Rome (which is a city within Italy). In the cart the Store pickup showed only once, but then when I tried the shipping calculator it disappeared and was subsituted by the shipping charge for Italy and never to be seen again. What did I do wrong?

    Thank you very much

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  • Hi,
    1. From UX perspective I’d rather add a WooCommerce section to your current Dyad theme installation just to avoid user to feel like they changed the website accessing ecommerce section, which is not a good point to have a high level of look and feel effect at your customer.
    But yes, it’s possible to customize the way your e-commerce section looks with CSS or WordPress plugins. You can read an excellent article that may change your point of view in some aspects of WooCommerce utilization:

    2. Hmm, are you sure that you are using Italy/Rome address when you place an order?
    Please make sure that you disclosed Rome in your paid shipping zone together with free pickup. You can add multiple methods to a single zone, and those can all potentially be shown to the customer if they match that zone. But only one zone can be returned. So you should add two shipping methods to your first zone, rather than having two shipping zones for the same location.

    I hope that will help,

    thank you so much for your kind, informed and thorough explanations. I appreciate it very much and will reread them a few times and ponder until at least a little of your knowledge will trickle into my brain ! 🙂

    Take care

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