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  • The thing is that when i am at homepage and i refresh or reload the page it counts a view to certain post that is placed at my homepage. I am not reading it at all, i am at my homepage but for every refresh or reload it counts one view more for that posts at that place in the theme. I am using the Glamour theme from Mythemeshop dudes. The first load of homepage is ok the reloads are causing the problem. At localhost everyting is ok and the bug is gone.

    What should i do to remove the bug ? For now i don`t have any other plugins.

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  • Ok i maybe found the problem. The theme uses custom page template to show latest posts at certain place in homepage and every latest post gains a view count when homepage is loaded. I removed the Post type(s): “page” in the Filers field but the bug remains. I excluded the page ID in Posts IDs to exclude in filter and it still remains. In the same time i saw that in IE 8 the bug is gone. I use firefox latest.
    What to do next ?

    Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    Can’t tell for sure without looking at your site and without more detailed info. Please post your URL and provide more info about your theme.

    This is my url

    Tell what other info about my theme you need anything specific?

    I have removed your plugin because we needed some more functionality. But I can send you my theme so you can test the bug. Do you need it ?

    Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    As long as its code is properly commented so I can understand what you did then yes I can give it a shot.

    Hi Hector,

    I have the same problem on my page

    When I load the Homepage every post you see on the page will count a view. You mustn´t open one of the posts.

    Is their any solution for it?


    I think that I found the problem. I use the plugin “Advanced Recent Posts” at once with your plugin for showing the newest articles on my blog.

    When “Advanced Recent Posts” is in my sidebar every article from the list is counted, when the homepage of the blog gets requested. When I remove “Advanced Recent Posts” from the sidebar, the counting of your plugin is correct.

    Do you have any solution for this problem?


    Ah… the comments are counted correctly. The error only appears with page and post views.

    I hope you have any help.

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