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  • hello

    im using your plugin to have 3 currencies and i want to create manually some orders but i noticed that the order amount is not changed according to billing country.

    my base currency is dollar and i added euro and pounds. Prices are manually added through products

    when i create an order for a uk person the invoice is created in euro as my country but the person pays in pounds which is not correct since the item in euro lets say is 5 in uk is 4.50 pounds. if the invoice is created with 5 euro then the uk person will pay 5 pounds not 4.50

    is there a way to make it right? is there something im missing?

    thank you

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  • Hello,

    We have an option on WooCommerce > Settings > Currency Switcher > General
    Called Order currency

    It will allow you to switch “Order Currency” on admin order edit page.
    Do you think it will help you?

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    unfortunately no.i have tried it that but its not what i was looking for. Yes changes the currency but not at the correct price. If there is way to make the option when changing currency to take the correct value from the product

    Hola Pablo, el plug in no actualiza automaticamente, cual es el problema? era muy bueno la verdad, cambie de theme en otro server y no funciona, solo precisaba pasarloa. dolares, puse en automatico y no cambia deja en cero, soluciones? gracias

    Hi @koullis,
    If you change the currency before adding products the price will be set just fine.

    Can you please try it?

    Hi @lordflex,
    I didn’t get your comment very well. Can you please ask it in english? Maybe you could create an own topic too

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    no change..currency sign changes but not the price…product is €17-> if customer is from US, price needs to be $20 Not $17

    I mean, if you create a new order from scratch, manually, and just after if you change the order currency and click save, and then you add the first product so your prices will be fine. Please try it

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    this only works if i add the price manually also…after i add the product i change the price

    There is one detail I just found out.
    I’ll try to explain it with steps:

    1 – Create a new order manually accessing WooCommerce > Orders > Add Order
    2 – Change the order currency and click save
    3 – Now go to your site on frontend and switch to the same currency
    4 – Now you can go back to your order and if you add a new item, the price will be correct. Old items will not change price, only the new ones

    The missing step was number 3.
    Please try it this way

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    seems to be working with this way but ill have to add the widget to sidebar.

    now if i create a $ order but customer is from europe then the amount on paypal will become in euros and wont be the correct

    since im using geolocate to show the customers country currency price wouldn’t be better if when creating a new order to be able to grab the correct price from product page when choosing the country?

    thank for your help

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