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  • The standard WordPress archives functions allow you to list your archives monthly, weekly, daily, or post by post. They then list archives by month name, week start and end dates, or by day name. However, sometimes it would be easier if the posts were listed in a counting fashion. For example, for an academic class, it makes much more sense to sort archives by the week of the term.

    This plugin allows the user to set a start date. Then the plugin lists archives counting up days/weeks/months from that date. It does not list archives before the specified date (unless they are in the same day/week/month as the start date). It allows the user to customize the output format, and takes all the same arguments as the standard WordPress wp_get_archives() function.

    The plugin currently supports the monthly, weekly, and daily methods used by the wp_get_archives function. It does not currently support the postbypost method of displaying archives. Other features include optionally passing start date and sort type parameters to override the defaults, and English ordinal suffixes.

    The plugin is available on my blog or directly (in ZIP format) here.

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