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  • When I open the Counterize II stats page, it crashes my browser (Firefox 3.5). It got worse when I upgraded to Firefox 3.5, before it was just really slow. It’s the same with IE 8.

    Ideas anyone? Please?

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  • You could reduce the number of records that counterize displays in the live hits section. I had this set quite high – higher than the default – and would always find FFX chugging when it was displaying. It should be in the options for counterize. New functionality to be able to select which of the data tables you wanted to view may resolve this to a point, if the developers wanted to tweak it.

    I’ve just discovered that they don’t track the IP addresses of visitors any more – seems there’s some privacy issue in Germany, making such tracking illegal now. I’m thinking I’ll have a look around for another plugin that has this with GeoIP linking – they were invaluable parts of counterize that now don’t exist.

    I don’t know how draconian Deutsche legislation tends to be but I’d hope including the functionality with it defaulting to be turned off would be enough to satisfy it from a developer’s responsibility viewpoint. The devs aren’t tracking the info – it would be an express action of the blog owner to turn it on and, if it happens to be illegal in the country of use, the end user/owner who would be liable. That way, the rest of the international user community wouldn’t be stymied and the devs should be covered.

    Still, I’m in Australia and the blacklist, compulsory filtering legislation they’re talking about here will just block anything that looks like it may have a chance of being rated over a 13 year old level. Supposed ‘trials’ are currently taking place and the data collected is completely useless but it seems the federal government are going to force it anyways.

    Yes, my Counterize II very slow too. Delete now from WP and database.

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