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  • krko


    This plugin is awful. For the love of life and WordPress do NOT make this core. The plugin is counter productive. It makes you click much more and forces you to use your mouse much more. Simple tasks are impossible to achieve. A numbered list with inline images? Forget about it. You have to insert image block and than numbered list numbering is reset. After image it will start from 1 once again. This is absurd. Even greater fiasco than Win 8 removal of Start button. Which they brought back of course after realizing the error. The same will happen to this hopeless plugin. Just like WordPress 2 redesign by HappyCog. They’ll do it, there will be outcry, they’ll reverse it. Hopefully. Usually they’ll just spend infinite amounts of energy defending their position and how everybody got it wrong. And of course ReactJS. Whaaat? Who cares because ReactJS! Just have a look at how huge fiasco Callypso is. If Automattic want to “compete” with Squarespace or Wix let them develop whatever they want for This must not be in core. I for sure will leave WordPress as my CMS choice if this happens.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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