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  • Would really love to use these, but can’t get the counter to work. Problems with wordpress 3.6?

    Well, for some reason, I reinstalled this plugin after a few days and all the counters are working. Not sure how that happened. I installed/reinstalled several times before and that had no effect. If anyone else has this problem, try installing again after some time and see if it helps :p

    For me only google plus was working.

    (this was on a post that has had 300K views.)

    I’ll give your solution a try after some time passes. Definitely weird.

    Anyone else had experience getting the post counts working?

    Same problem on our site: Only Google+ counters are working. I’m keeping my old counters [Hupso] on [along with Simple Share] for a while. Looks dumb but I don’t want visitors to think no one is sharing our stuff! I love this plugin and hope there is a fix for the zero counts. Thank you for all your work – I appreciate it.

    Check if the php directive allow_url_fopen is active.
    If not active it will only show 0.
    I had the problem.

    Check if the php directive allow_url_fopen is active.
    If not active it will only show 0.
    I had the problem and I solved it that way



    I used the following way to test if allow_url_fopen is enabled,

    and indeed my allow_url_fopen is already enabled:

    So I must need some other fix 🙁

    Andrew Tibbetts


    All worked on the last post (last week). Only google+ works on today’s.

    Attached you’ll find the test I build to verify twitter was working fine.

    function getTwitterShareCount($urlCurrentPage) {
    	// get results from twitter and return the number of shares
        $htmlTwitterShareDetails = file_get_contents('' . $urlCurrentPage);
        $arrTwitterShareDetails = json_decode($htmlTwitterShareDetails, true);
        $intTwitterShareCount =  $arrTwitterShareDetails['count'];
        return ($intTwitterShareCount ) ? $intTwitterShareCount : '0';
    echo '<pre>';
    echo '<br/>'.getTwitterShareCount('');
    echo '</pre>';

    Put it in a folder of your web server and try to call it.
    Check previously your server is configured to show warnings.
    Hope it works

    You can do the same test using the other functions inside lib folder of this component.

    Andrew Tibbetts


    I’m thinking it might be the cache plugin I’m using. I have disabled it—we’ll see if it was the culprit.

    Andrew Tibbetts


    It was the cache plugin.



    I’m getting the “Only-Google-Plus-Works” problem, and have no caching plugins installed.

    Lilak Surfer


    Thanks @ Marc. I had the same “Only-Google-Plus-Works” problem and your solution was right. “allow_url_fopen” has to be active! After changing, everything work fine!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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