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    (@ubersoft) is the website for my webcomic Help Desk. I am currently using WordPress to publish it, and I have it set up so that it works pretty much the way I want it to for almost everything except the archives. The archives still need work.

    At the moment, the specific problem I’m trying to work around is the way the archives work with the calendar (get_calendar). When you click on a date on the wordpress calendar, it takes you to the daily archive for that day.

    That’s not really a problem — that’s how it’s *supposed* to work — but because it’s an archive for a specific day, posts_nav_link, which I use as my “next page” / “previous page” navigation links, only let you browse through the archives for that day. This is logical, but counter-intuitive for a webcomic: usually what my readers are going to do is go to a date where they haven’t read the comic and want to browse through the days until they catch up.

    Is there a way to modify the daily archives to allow you to browse from one day to the next, instead of browsing all posts within a given day?

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Mmmmm… That would be rather tricky. It might help to understand the underlying structure.

    See, the way the whole system works (by default) is that you select some set of “posts”, and then display the first X of those posts. Going to the previous page is just advancing the counter on that selection of posts by X increments. The “archive” pages are the same as normal, it’s just limiting the post selection to the date in question.

    So what you really want is for it not to send you to a specific date, but to keep selecting all posts as usual, and just increment the page counter far enough to take you to that date. I’m not sure how this could be done. Some custom coding would be needed, I’m sure. It wouldn’t be a simple thing to do, methinks.

    Argh. I was afraid of that.

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