• be nice if there was a “xxx days until …” thing somewhere. For now i can make do with some php code, but i think it would be a nice (if somewhat insignificant) feature.

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  • Why put such a feature in WP? There’s a lot of scripts out there that do things like this already; I’d suggest finding one and importing it into your site through your templates.

    Could you guys give me some code or direct me to some scripts for this? That would be a fun feature to add interest and unique character to my blog.
    Next Linux Kernel will be released in … days. 🙂 How fun.

    I went to hot scripts and got a countdown and a countup script. They are out there, just look! 🙂

    That’s one of the big reasons I went with WP over b2evo. b2evo is so bloated with not needed (IMO) features.

    I’d just go with that, frankly. Perl will work just fine for this. I *guess* you could hack up something similar in PHP and put some of the data in a MySQL database, but to me that feels a bit like having a tank cannon when you just needed a slingshot. 🙂

    Thanks folks. I agree that adding this to WP would be bloating a good program. Adding ones own scripts obviously is easy enough and something like this should be a cinch. Thanks!

    this is what i used:
    <? print (“There are ” . (int)((mktime (0,0,0,[dd],[mm],[yyyy]) – time(void))/86400) . ” days until [myEvent]”); ?>
    I only suggested it, because it would be nice to tie it directly into the calendar on WP.

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