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    Since yesterday in the contdown is also inserted the wording “on time”, how do you remove it?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • corrinarusso



    This meta data is being appended to the title somewhere before this loop.
    See attached :

    $title = $post->post_title
    must be getting the meta data ??

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    I just tried it and is working as it should. Maybe your theme override it somehow?

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    How can I see if it override somehow?



    I have the same problem today, using boxseat theme.

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    Hi @micksharp72 and @dribblingmerano ,

    To ensure that is not a theme issue then you have to make the following steps:
    1. Install and activate a default free theme like Rookie.
    2. Copy countdown.php file from \wp-content\plugins\SportsPress\templates\ to \wp-content\theme\rookie\sportspress\.
    3. Change the line 141 from:
    <?php echo $title.' ('.$statuses[ $sp_status ].')'; ?>
    <?php echo $title; ?>
    4. Check if the (status) text is still there 🙂


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    In this time the SportsPress plugin and SportPress pro no longer work on my site

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    Fair enough 🙂



    I am having the same issue. The words (On Time) now appear on my fixtures for my golf site (https://qpgc.org.au/). They haven’t been there previously. Has anyone resolved this issue without breaking their site?

    I am running the Rookie theme V.1.5.3 and Sportspress (Free)(V.2.7.2) and SportsPress for Golf V 0.9.1

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    Hi there!

    Please open a new topic so we can help you with this one.


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