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    I see how you can start the Jellyfish counter at a specific timestamp, but can you also have it stop at a certain time? So, anyone accessing the website after, say, 7pm, won’t see the counter increment.

    I imagine I could do this with an override in JavaScript, but I was hoping that the plugin had some facility or API to stop it.

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  • Plugin Author Strawberry Jellyfish


    There isn’t an inbuilt stop time, but you could probably do this with JavaScript & jQuery reasonably easily. There are a few useful public functions in jellyfish-odometer,js that you can access though the counter dom element.

    For example, this would stop a counter with an id of #jellyfish-counter-shortcode-1:


    So you could trigger some javascript on page load that stops a counter if the time is after 7pm or whatever you need. If you are generating a counter with a shortcode be sure to use the id parameter to set a unique id that you can use to target the counter in the javascript.

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