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  • Plugin Author Tom Braider


    Reload the page with CTRL + F5 to be sure there are no old scripts in cache. Any JavaScript messages in the error console?

    I have the same issue. I installed Simple Links and after this i can’t move oder edit my widgets in the admin menu.
    If i deactivate CPD then i can edit, drag and drop my widgets.
    Also if i deactivate the Plugin Simple Links i can move my widgets too.
    But only on the widget site in the admin interface, every other site is working.
    Where is the Problem on CPD?

    I clear the browser cache and cookies and shutdown and start my browser (Firefox) but nothing is happen. The same in the Internet Explorer.

    I have no idea what is going on here. Perhaps you have an idea?

    I have an answer from Mat Lipe (Developer of Simple Links).

    Perhaps you can add a fix for your plugin too.
    “I found the issue with the plugin conflict. The plugin you are using stole away the default $ in jQuery without using a no conflict. I added a little hack to my plugin which should prevent your other plugin from breaking mine.”
    Here is the URL to the support thread from me.

    Plugin Author Tom Braider


    OK, i will take a look to my jQuery functions.
    Thanks for the hint!

    Hi Tom
    I wonder if you answer a question please. Does Counters Per Day count Robot visit’s to my website? I notice in the settings section it has an area called ‘Mass Bots’ is this the areas it shows Bot visits as the name suggests and do the numbers get shown in the Total Visits count.


    Plugin Author Tom Braider


    Hi Gordon,
    the Mass Bot section shows visitors those reads more then e.g. 20 posts per day. CpD has counted them. Maybe they are new spam bots or real visitors with a lot of clicks.
    These infos should help to find out the bad boys for adding new strings to the filter list or simply delete the “wrong” entries.
    I delete all entries with 20 or more visits.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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