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  • Is there a plugin that sends wp users notice of failed attempt logins? I would prefer the notice to be shown on the dashboard by default, with an option to be send to he user’s email.

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  • I think they probably know when their login attempt fails. :<)
    I’ve not heard of such a plugin.
    WP has the password recovery feature by mail…

    “I think they probably know when their login attempt fails”

    So, YOUR blog does not have 1237 times “login failed for admin – wrong password”?

    Huh? Could you explain a little more what you mean and what you want to achieve?

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Currently when you type in a bad password….

    “ERROR: Incorrect password.”

    …. will appear in the login page. What I want is for WP to show the number of bad login attempts so that i would know if there have been login attempts on my blog.

    This figures would show on the wp dashboard as follows….

    ” There has been “X” bad logins since you last login.”

    Note: “x” = the numbers of unsucessful logins.

    ……. It would be great if this feature could sent a notification to you email alerting of its users as an option.

    Another add-on possibility to the feature would be an account lock out. After “x” number of bad logins, user would have to wait another 15mins before they can login again…


    Comments please….


    anyone interested?

    I’m aiming to add this to my Event Viewer Plugin (btev). Should hopefully be in the next version:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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