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    This isn’t something that is currently supported via configuration and would require altering the counter JavaScript… although JavaScript changes would effect every instance of the counter which may not be desirable if you need multiple counters with different behavior.

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    I only need 1 counter for my website, so I wouldn’t mind making changes to the JavaScript if it will allow me to do what I am trying to accomplish.

    How would I go about making the change?

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    Ok, well if you want to make a continuous counter change by a value of 5 on every ‘count’ you just need to change 1 line in jellyfish-counter-widget.php

    Look for line 482 (in version 1.0):

    if (wholeNumber >= 1) {

    And change the 1 to 5 or whatever value you like….

    if (wholeNumber >= 5) {

    That should work for persistent/continuous counters counting either up or down. Be aware that the counter will still try to animate when it updates and might have unpredictable visual results if it takes longer than the delay interval to update, but in your case, whizzing up by 5 every 1 second should work ok.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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