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    I would like to purchase “social share” & “reports” in GamiPress but there are some questions I cannot find answers to on website. (and there is no demo mode in add-ons I would like to purchase)

    Documentation > Getting Started > Points Awards and Deducts, at “Automatic Points Awards”.
    I cannot find option for rewarding user for commenting or sharing a post to receive points ONCE per post.
    For example: I have points called “COPPER” 1 user action (any) is 1 point.
    Commenting, sharing etc is rewarded 1 point for each action.

    Under one post user can receive 5 points in total – 1 for commenting, 1 for twitter share, 1 for facebook share, 1 for google+ share, 1 for linkedin share. He can receive those points only ONCE per specified post, any more repetitive comments or shares are not scored (anti cheat feature…)

    There is no global setting for it. And it could be a bit problematic when you have for example 50 posts a day from users with no access to gamipress.

    In summary – I would like to reward users ONCE per specified post GLOBALLY
    Event options could be (?):

    When: “comment on specific post” / Select a post: “All” / “1” time(s) limited to: / “1” per / “Post”
    Earn: / “1” copper(s) / with a maximum number of times to earn it of “0”

    social share
    When: “Share specific post on specific social network” / post “All” / network “Facebook” / “1” time(s) limited to / “Post”.

    Let me know if its possible.


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  • Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @odinn

    Thank you so much for your interest on GamiPress

    The feature you suggest to limit events to once by post is a fantastic idea and feature to have

    I will add it to our roadmap so you will be sure that it will be implemented

    Best regards


    thanks for reply:)

    Please implement it asap (:P), I recon thanks to that you will get to top of gamifying ecosystems for wordpress. Especially when competitors starting to drag behind already…

    In meantime I will play with current plugin, looking good


    Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @odinn

    I will mark this topic as resolved, I added your request to our internal roadmap as posible future feature or add-on

    We won’t work on it in the near future because we need to focus in other important features and add-ons

    Best regards

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