• Honestly, This could’ve been the best plugin available if you weren’t mainly focused on money making and more focused on providing solutions for the community. €49/year to be able to map more attributes?! Seriously, MailOptin does it for free!!! Btw, double Opt-in is also included.

    Seriously, I’m a person who appreciates the efforts but charging people for something available to everyone by someone else for free is way beyond shocking.

    This is my opinion and I hope you take it as a positive criticism, if you would’ve provided the same free options as Mailoptin and charged for the other services. I am pretty sure that I’ll be the 1st to get my card and buy your subscription and many users who understand the point of strength of your plugin which is “Lightweight” will probably agree and rush towards subscribing to your service.

    We understand paying for support and extra features and we back them up by subscribing to the more pro services, like I’d subscribe to get the “Dynamic list ID’s – Send users to one or multiple lists based on checkboxes or dropdown” for example or “Enter all fields dynamically” or “Unlimited sites and activations” or/and even “Support”.

    I would’ve given this plugin a 5 star rating blindfolded and even bought the subscription if it was focusing more on my needs. A successful business model is not only focused on generating income stream but more on building trust and exposure through the power of reputation. Make use of the concept of “word of mouth” believe me it’s 10 times stronger than throwing marketing budgets and advertising on forums as answers to questions. And it’ll generate ten fold the income stream you are hoping for.

    Good luck and I hope my words will help guide you through your future updates.

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  • Plugin Author webtica


    Hi @etktech,

    Thank you for your feedback. All is noted.
    We understand that mailoptin adds this for free but limits on the amount of submissions as we tested it before and why we made this plugin.

    The purpose of the premium version of the plugin is to generate support to add updates to the plugin and others. I do more free support then paid. So to say that we do this soley to make money is totally out of the question.

    As for the features. All of them are available except the multiple attributes.
    The Double optin is totally free. Did you check this? There is also no limit on the amount of sites for the 49 euro’s. I think that is very doable. The dynamic list is also included for free. Also there is free support. We help with every problem that get’s send in.

    I thank you for your feedback. I find it sad to see a one star review to give this feedback. But I understand where you are going.

    All the best.

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