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  • rogbiz


    A great concept but sadly didn’t work in practice for me. I had two tabs with a List Category Posts short code in each, but they wouldn’t display correctly. Also disappointed that the tabs can’t be styled using CSS (unless you buy an add-on).

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  • Plugin Author cubecolour


    To address your two points: The plugin is working perfectly on thousands of other sites so if it is not working on yours it is highly likely that the issue could be fixed had you posted on the support forum before leaving a one star review.

    This was designed as a lightweight plugin. The first version I made for use on my own projects didn’t have any styles at all as I included the tab styles in the theme’s stylesheet. When I decided to release the plugin to the community for free I added a stylesheet with a set of styles that should look good in as many themes as possible. I included simple instructions to enable these styles to be prevented from loading for anyone using the plugin in the same way I was.

    For anyone who is used to working with CSS, the default tabby stylesheet should work well as a starter set of tab styles which can be easily customised once copied into the theme’s stylesheet.

    The customiser was introduced later as an optional add-on to enable people without CSS experience to style their tabs to match their theme. It was never intended to be part of the core plugin and is not essential.



    I’m sure the plugin works perfectly elsewhere, sadly not with me. I’m sure with some dialogue on the web I could have found a solution, but I would note that ‘out of the box’:

    1. I got two tab labels displayed in different fonts on different lines
    2. one of these tabs on being clicked showed no content
    3. There seemed to be no way to format the tabs in CSS to fit my site style (and I don’t consider buying a paid add-on is a suitable solution to such a basic requirement)
    4. I couldn’t find any documentation that might help, and there didn’t seem to be a relevant faq or support item.

    I already wasted some time trying to sort this out with CSS (and certainly don’t have the interest or skill to find a solution in php). I installed another free Accordion plugin and it did the job straight away and with clearly identified formatting. So, sorry, but for me it’s one star.

    Plugin Author cubecolour


    If you had checked the plugin’s support forum you would have seen that everyone who has an issue gets help and the vast majority (well over 99%) are users of the free plugin only.

    As the plugin is currently active on over 30,000 sites, and this is the first time I have heard of the issues you describe I don’t think it is unreasonable to deduce that the issue would have been caused by something specific to your site – either the plugin’s shortcodes were being used incorrectly, which is easy to check and correct, or the theme or another plugin on the site is doing something unusual (eg there are CSS rules with over-aggressive specificity) which I would have been happy to help you troubleshoot and find a solution for.

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