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  • the entire site look great! good job!

    Wow you guys are quick. Thanks!
    By the way, do you guys know what class the main blog text is in? I haven’t been able to find it, and I’d like to make it bigger.

    What borwser are you using?
    Safari, Mozilla and Firefox come back perfectly. i wouldn’t adjust it.
    otherwise, if you must, i believe you are looking for something along the lines of “storycontent” or “content” depends on where you began with your design (who’s css you are starting off with.)

    for my money, if you have the time and the goodwill, i would package up your template (leaving all praise to the original author) and redistribute it as a new theme for folks to enjoy.
    maybe with a .jpg as the head image, and no flash.
    ’cause it’s just outstanding.

    (In a good way…)

    Yeah, I probably should make it as a template…

    Okay, it’s now packaged up all neat-and-tidy here:
    Scroll down, and click on the little folder. Do what you please with itâ€?oh, and if you have any better documentation, please, let me know 😉

    Thank You!
    : )

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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