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    hi guys i have this error on my website from almost a week
    Couldn’t connect to database server.Couldn’t find database wpstats_db.An unexpected problem has occured with the application.
    SELECT statscurl_id FROM statscurl WHERE statscurl_ip = ”;

    It doesnt apper every time, i must to refresh more times to apper
    I deleted all my plugins and the erros is still there
    Can anyoane help me? Thanks

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    statscurl_id is not in any WordPress file AFAIK.

    Have you reverted to the twentyeleven theme to rule out a theme problem?



    I think this might have to do with the WP Super Cache plugin if you have that installed. Here is what I did and it went away. FYI if you do a search on the error there are over 31 thousand sites affected. Anyway, the first thing I did, because I saw a lot of people suggesting it had to to with Akismet I deactivated and removed that plugin and installed Spam Free WordPress instead. That did not stop the error, so I am not sure that is the problem. So, then I looked at the WP Super Cache plugin and did the following:

    1. Clicked on Delete cache from the setting page.
    2. Deactivated the plugin
    3. Re-Activated the plugin and reset the settings
    4. Clicked on Delete cache again for good measure and the warning went away.

    I am not sure if this works for everyone but these were the things that helped me, this is the only site I am seeing the problem on, and I don’t have WP cache on all my sites, so cannot test if this is a solution that can be replicated.

    Go to your themes header file and look for something along the lines of this and delete it.



    That is not in the themes header.php file – it is only generated dynamically when the plugin is active. Just an FYI.

    i resolved guys thanks for help



    npbody00 – can you post what you found out as I think there are going to be a lot of others looking for the solution – thanks!

    i paid someone to solve it, i dont know what he did there, but i’m sure it was from my template because when i change it the error disapeared

    we found, that the culprit for this issue is/was the file


    It didn’t play well with W3TC and GravityForms. Enabling the ‘non-conflict’ mode in GF did the trick for us.

    Hope that helps

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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