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  • Plugin Author Ninos


    Hey there,
    all themes have other stylesheets. So if you use my plugin you get this stylesheets, header & footer structure to your login page. With the wp-custom-login.css in your stylesheet directory you can fix the individual stylesheet errors. So activate the plugin, visit your login page and see what’s working wrong. Write some custom stylesheets into the wp-custom-login.css to fix this errors (for example: hide the wordpress logo, change the style of the submit button…)

    But not enough, there are also four action hooks:

    • wp_custom_login_header_before
    • wp_custom_login_header_after
    • wp_custom_login_footer_before
    • wp_custom_login_footer_after

    With this hooks you can fix in some themes the html structure.

    For example:
    Some themes have always a slider included, but this plugin is just adding the header and footer page. Because of that you may get an html-structure error (some elements are missing etc.). With the hooks you can now fix the structure errors by adding the slider or some custom elements.

    Hope that was clear enough, I know, that this plugin is primary intended for developers.

    You try hard to explain….
    but sometimes, a little example is much better than very long explaintion


    I know why I should use action hooks (you explain in your reply).
    But I don’t Know which file should modify or where to use it^_^

    Plugin Author Ninos


    What you want to do exactly?

    PS: In near future I’ll rewrite this small plugin 🙂

    I know php, but I am just beginer for wp.
    and I don’t know how to use action hook.

    after search in the web and support page for this plugin.
    I found the anwser.

    But I see that there are other people don’t know action hook.
    and some people don’t know css.

    I am not ask a long detail tutorial,
    but if there are some example will be better.
    people can ues it more easily and you get less question in support request.

    something like


    .logo {display: inline;}

    action hook:
    in which php file
    use code like
    function email_friends($post_ID) {
    $friends = ‘,’;
    mail($friends, “sally’s blog updated”,
    ‘I just put something on my blog:’);
    return $post_ID;

    etc ^_^

    But anyway, It is a very great plugin.
    Thanks a lot

    Plugin Author Ninos


    K thanks for your feedback 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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