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    I am intrigued by your software but have no idea what it actually does and I wonder how many others are discouraged from using it by inadequate description?
    It is described as being a “Google map plugin that installs as a widget and a short code”. “Widget” does it install on Android (or Windows)?
    Does it link to an Android GPS software?
    Where does Google Maps fit in? I presume it can be installed in WordPress site?
    I note an app called TrackMe that I like does it link to yours or an alternative?.
    A few words on the site describing your “plugin” (under Comprehensive Google Map Plugin) would clarify what you offer.I think I could be very interested.

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  • Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    Thank you for your feedback. I am not sure though how inadequate the description is – you are the first one to raise such question in two years 🙂

    Well it is a WordPress plugin, so I think it should be clear to the wide public that it installs on a website supported by the open source WordPress software. It is a wrapper around Google Maps API, that allows you to configure a set of options in order to generate Google map in your posts/pages. “Widget” is a term used within WordPress eco system, and it represents a part of website side bar or a footer (a search box, archive links etc.)

    I hope this helps you a little bit more


    Perfect! Thank you perhaps you could use incorporate the essence of what you wrote in the description of your product. My experience is that people are often to embarrassed to ask what I did and simply move on.

    Could I ask one more question (and perhaps your answer could if relevant be added to your description of the plugin).

    So you have a plugin (Widget) that enables Google Maps in WordPress. So once you have Google Maps on the website, what will that then enable? (eg. will that enable a person to track their location when travelling, and if so, is another plugin then required). I am familiar with Google Maps and but the full functionality vis-a vis your plugin remains unclear.

    Thank you Alexander

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    Thank you for your advice.

    When you generate a map, it does not have to be within widget in the sidebar or footer. It can be a part of your content in post/page. You can have multiple maps too if you need them.

    What will that then enable? It depends why do you need a map on your website. A clinic can generate a map with its address. A traveller can generate a map with all the places he/she visited, etc. I think you get an idea why people would incorporate a Google map on their website.

    In order to get an idea what plugin offers (or does not offer), why do not you install it on your WordPress site (if you have one) and have a look? The plugin has enough documentation about different configurable settings to understand what they do.

    Thank you

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    In a nutshell, my plugin allows you to create a map, just like (well not “just like” – my plugin does not allow you to configure ALL the possible configurable options of Google Maps API). The difference is that you do it from within the administration portal of your WordPress site.

    Thank you Alexander, now it is really crystal clear.

    I really appreciate people like you putting in a huge lot of effort for little if any return, and so doing the finishing touches becomes a bit much at the end.

    Whatever, I sincerely hope you can find the time to add what you wrote here as an introduction to your package. A lot of things might seem obvious to you, but even the word “widget” had me tripped up thinking there was some link to say Android not knowing the term was also used by WordPress.
    The above words you wrote would have me jumping with excitement and if me, then perhaps a lot of others who have already slipped past your site.

    By the way, I note one traveller has a GPS link to her WordPress site which records her movements around the world ( can you see that possible with your plugin and if so, what Android plugin is then necessary? Again perhaps a worthwhile intro para to your site.

    Plugin Contributor alexanderzagniotov


    Thank you

    My question is as dumb. Really. What I want on my site is one map with all the locations mentioned on it. In addition, I would like people to be able to link to the map from each post that mentions an address. Is that possible with this plug in? So what do I do?

    I have been looking for step-by-step instructions but can’t find them.

    Wait, I have it! Finally!

    To get a map that goes to all the locations listed on my site, I set up a shortcode for the map widget, then posted that in a sticky post. I set the map for Geo Mashup.

    Then, for each post with an address, I put the address into the shortcode builder and pressed “send to editor”. This added the map code to the bottom of the post and sent it to the main map on the sticky post.


    Hi Annielogue,

    This was the info I was looking for, but I can´t find “send to the editor” in the shortcode builder, can you enlighten me any more?

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