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  • As WordPress’s ecosystem grows, there seems to be a growing potential for conflict between shortcodes.

    Now a plugin or template developer can definitely do a hack like this:

    function add_shortcode_conditional($tag, $func) {
    	global $shortcode_tags;
            if ( ! empty ( $shortcode_tags[$tag]) ) {
                  add_shortcode($tag, $func);
            else {
                 /* recover somehow or other */

    But, it would sure be nice if a future WP version had some kind of built-in support for resolving conflicts, and a blessed interface for looking at $shortcode_tags. An add_shortcode filter would also be convenient.

    Ideally, there’d be a priority system like the filter system, where a higher-numbered shortcode handler would override a lower-numbered one.

    Thanks for considering this.

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