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  • I’ve been slowly working on my music blog/website. I use it for hosting local and national DJ mixes plus general info about the local music scene. I’ve got my own theme going….. I’ve self taught myself everything via LOTS of google and wordpress. Thing is I can’t realize what I don’t know unless I get an outside eye every now and then. So I wouldn’t mind someone taking a glance and just letting me know if there’s serious flaws or anything I could be doing that would make my site look better….. I’m just asking for learning sake really……

    It’s the Voodoo Empire website

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  • whooami



    you know what, some of it is a little hard to read, and Im not sure I care for the red color much, but I have to give you props for your good attitude 🙂

    In my opinion, 1/2 the battle is won when youve created something that reflects who you are In contrast to just going out and buying a cookie-cutter theme, yadda yadda.

    i’ll come back when Im more awake and be more in depth for you. Also, your navbar reminds of a friend of mine’s site.

    thanks for the start! I’m pretty sure that the red may be a bit offputting for some folks….its just that my company that im trying to start kinda revolves around a black and red theme…..

    Maybe A bit more of a black focus would look more professional rather than so much red?

    My opinion, that the color scheme looks so busy..

    i cannot open the website ,is it working ?

    It’s working, I’m on there now.

    I’m kinda back and forth on the ‘busy-ness’ aspect of the theme. I sometimes want to clean it up a bit…..but Its a techno/drum and bass related website, and I feel like sometimes the busy/noisy aspect of the theme fits with that. hmmmm…….

    looking good and having just done the bootstrapping build a site process myselft i have to say congratulations!
    I think you could dial down some of the darker blacks a bit as they are bleeding a little too much into your reds – paricularly at the top of the site.
    Also in the “Welcome to Voodoo Empire” section some of the vertical left red is bleeding into your text as you scroll down so you’ll either want to move your text a little more to the right or adjust the color scheme.

    Thanks for the input….I definitely see what you’re sayin with the colours. I may redo the container image to help with the red bleedover issue….I hadn’t planned on that ‘Welcome’ section originally….it was a later addition. And I’ve kind of always thought the header image was just too saturated…so very red & black, I love all the elements in the image tho. Thing is Ive gotta teach myself how to use image editing software a bit better to improve that, it’s definitely in the lineup of to-do items.

    I’m not sure if I’m going to update this theme, or try to collect as much input as possible and apply it all to a new version of the theme.

    I can tell that you’ve been having fun with theming your own WordPress; good for you! 🙂

    Since you’re asking for constructive crit, I will give you just that. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will try to be as thorough as possible and explain as much of my thoughts as possible, but won’t mind clarifying if there is something I say that you don’t get. 🙂

    So here we go:

    Red is a very bold and assertive color that demands people to LOOK. It can be off-putting to some, but it can really make a statement if used properly.

    With that said:

    I LIKE:

    – your banner graphic because it fuses deep reds along with black. Bold. Assertive. A bit of noise. Definitely music-related. The right hand side with the lighter red swirly slashes are slightly distracting from the rest of the graphic and could probably be removed.

    – how your pages are all tabbed and easy to access in their own navigational bar. VERY important for accessibility. However, the white ‘current page’ tab is very distracting and takes away from the rest of the nice red and black tabs. I would suggest changing the color of the tab. 🙂

    – how you make the content and the sidebar distinct from one another. The content is given a bold amount of space which is good because that is where you want people’s eyes to go, right? And the sidebar is nice and separate and takes up a good amount of space as well.

    – The search at the top of the sidebar is handy for your visitors to have easy-access to scavenging for content.

    – how you have the navigation bar at the very bottom which allows access to other parts of your site. It’s good to have a portal from where one can jump to one part of the site to another.

    – the little graphical detailing such as the little graphics used in your posts – both the icon-like one in the left hand corner and the one used for your datestamp. It shows you have attention to detail and thought things through for your site. I like. 🙂


    – how the main content area is all grey. After all that nice red and black scheme going on, to see such a sharp contrast makes my eyes do a double take. Yes, grey background is easier to read black text from, but it honestly doesn’t match the rest of your theme. Change the color and consider simply using a solid colored background or one with minimal amount of texturing and design. 🙂

    – how there are those lines right between the main content and the sidebar. Distracting, and again, it might not hurt to stick to solid colors or plain patterns. 🙂 Because, again, red and black are VERY bold and your main graphic is already quite assertive.

    – how the content in the sidebar seems to be all mishmashed together. There’s ‘busy/cluttered’ and then there’s… BUSY. Maybe it’s just my browser being silly (Firefox 3.0), but it looks awfully busy in there. Section out your sidebar content a bit more; it will make it much easier for your visitors to read the content and catch up on everything! 🙂

    – how the bottom navigation/portal bar that links to other parts of the website doesn’t have its own nice little background to set it aside from the rest of the layout. Currently, it looks like it’s simply a part of the main content and not its own navigation block.

    – the white tab and the random red streaks on the right hand side of the main graphic.


    AWESOME work so far; I’m looking forward to seeing how everything will look like once you are ‘finished’ with this theme. 🙂

    Thanks so much for all that. Exactly the kind of stuff I’m looking for. I’ll definately be taking into account your suggestions when reworking the theme a bit. The swirly part of the main graphic is a blown up part of my logo, I may have to find a way to incorporate it a bit more cleanly. I definitely agree with your comments on the grey portion of the background. I’m gonna have to try a few colour combinations….. I like a lot of the colour scheme, but in the content area I originally went with white…wow that was terrible! Maybe a darker bg with lighter text so as not to make that area pop quite so much! I’m also considering what to do with the sidebars……I agree they are cluttered looking…..I’m not sure if I should widen up the theme so the bars have more room, along with more vertical spacing between each widget or what…definately something Ill have to ponder for the next edit of the theme. Thanks again for the input, it’s gonna give me a good start on my next edits!

    ok…I was trying to fix my theme a bit and got myself stumped. If you care to check out my problem and see if you can help Ive got a thread going for it…


    Anyway, disregard that last post. I figured it all out….posted what I did in that othr topic. but my site is all fixed and back open to review

    OK, I started woring with some of the suggestions I got here, and then kinda kept going….it has basically turned into a whole new theme. I’ve got some margins to deal with so a few things are out of alignment, Ill get to that over the next few days… (my work computers are really flaky, gotta do it from home when I have a day off), but I hope some of ya will recheckout my website and lemme know what ya think of the improvements! I’m diggin it so far

    I’ll come back and post a more thorough reply once I get some sleep. Just letting you know that I so far like the changes you have made.

    thanks for your time for sure!

    Hello RVoodoo.

    I’m on a 1400×1050 monitor and the content doesn’t begin until after half way down the screen. The header image is too large, or mb should be used as part of the navigation.

    The top navigation is way to much for my taste. Too many drop down menus covering the 2nd level. Perhaps separating the two levels, one above the header image and one below. Or just having a smaller selection as the primary focus of site wide navigation.

    I also have to admit that I am not a big fan of so much bold color as the primary color, I do understand it’s use. imho, the red should be an accent, not the base.

    When someone hovers over the links below the social network icons, the text turns nearly the same color as the background.

    I would strongly recommend changing the ratings icons (yellow stars) to png’s for anti-aliasing. And consider using a fewer social networking icons.

    I like that you are obviously working hard on the site and hope my comments are not considered too critical or nitpicky.

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