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  • Hey all –

    I’ve been looking for a publishing system and WordPress seems like just about the best one out there. I’m working on a site and it seems WordPress is powerful and versatile enough to use to allow people without web development knowledge to update it, but I’d like some opinions from people who are experienced with it before trying it out extensively.

    The site is Ideally, the news, music, and articles sections would work like a blog while the other pages and the events would be static. Additionally, some of the pages like the programs page have PHP and MySQL in them, which I imagine could be done outside WordPress. The phpbb forum could be external. Is WordPress capable of powering a site such as this, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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  • I personally think it is aestehtically and content wise. Just clicking around it seems very possible. I think it will be a bit of hard work, some trial and error with a few thigns, even if you knwo what you’re doing, but I certainly think it’s possible.

    personally i think its info overload but thats just me 🙂 as for emulating it on WP i reckon its possible and a matter of trial and error, go for it.

    Thanks, good to hear! I get the feeling I’ll be writing a plugin or two to get the level of features I want, but it sounds like a good project for a rainy weekend. I started it as a small site and the content just sort of exploded from there, so it’s about time for some management. Also about time for a new theme, which would be a good thing to do while converting it to WordPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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