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    This isn’t happening to everyone since I just peeked at another users’ site so I wonder whether the non-display of ‘achieved’ achievements and even the achievement list could be caused by me previously installing the WordPress plugin at

    Since it uses ‘achievements’ the same as this plugin, could this be causing some database confusion and have a database entry pointing away from BadgeOS?

    Just thinking of possibilities, is all.

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  • If both plugins use the same post type slug of “achievements” then yes, BadgeOS plugin would pick up on any lingering in the database from the other plugin.

    Well, on my localhost backup that doesn’t have BadgeOS installed, there is a slug called achievements so this might be the cause then.
    How do I fix it, Michael – any clue?

    That’s confirmed by a search using myPHPAdmin by the way

    Probably? I don’t know what all you may have been using previously that used a CPT slug of achievements. I just know if you didn’t delete the previous data, it’d be showing up in the list of achievements under the BadgeOS version for the CPT.

    If it’s data you don’t need at all, you could simply delete it.

    I gave you the plugin that is another WP Achievements plugin, in the first post of the thread.
    I deleted it as a normal plugin and it hasn’t left anything, that I can see, other than the slug.

    All I’m saying is that if post type slugs match, regardless of what plugin used them, then the content in the database is going to switch with them. It’s not the plugin that matters, it’s how they registered the post type. From everything I’ve seen in this thread, they matched, thus you’re going to get trickle over if the previous plugin didn’t clear out all of the posts it created with its setup. If your new “achievements” post type with BadgeOS has weird data showing up in its listing of posts, that you didn’t add via BadgeOS then it probably is from the old plugin and didn’t get deleted.

    OK, so my question is whether BadgeOS uses a slug of achievements or achievement-type.

    I couldn’t readily see that it set one up in the database as I only saw the one left by the other plugin.

    I changed the previous slug from achievements to achievement but that made no difference so maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here OR has this previous slug caused some confusion with your plugin, do you think?

    Need a way to get a user’s badge display working as well as displaying available badges – this is all taking a bit long and isn’t just me experiencing it.

    Any help would be great.

    And since is written by one of the main contributors of BuddyPres, there’s likely to be more of these issues with people who previously tried that one and switch to yours, unknowingly then getting issues (if this is an actual database/code conflict).

    Looking at the source code file that does the post type registration, BadgeOS uses “achievement-type” for the achievements post type. That’s the closest I can see to “achievements” for a post type out of the box. I’m pretty confident that any previous post types with that slug wouldn’t cause any sort of havoc with BadgeOS because it wouldn’t know about it without someone naming some sort of achievement with the same slug. The data being there in the db won’t be an issue.

    Since the two slugs from Achievements plugin and this one appear to be different, it’s going to take human intervention to cause conflict between the two.

    Ok, well, that’s a bust. Back to square one as to why Badges aren’t displaying for users and the shortcode [sad face]

    Updated Github Issues with another discovery:

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