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    Yesterday I created the following support ticket in the general forum, then when looking at the last error more closely it looks like it is coming from your plugin. If you read the full post you will see that the error log error only started showing up 01 March 2013 which I think was around the time you had an update to your plugin.

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

    Line Feed Special Character Only In Safari Browser urls

    And FireBug console is showing this error:

    SyntaxError: unterminated string literal
    [Break On This Error]
    sm9.html (line 1, col 18)

    <script type="text/javascript"><!--
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    /* <![CDATA[ */
    timely.define( 'ai1ec_calendar', {"export_url":"webcal:\/\/\r\n\/?plugin=all-in-one-event-calendar&controller=ai1ec_exporter_controller&action=export_events&cb=1094208838","fonts":[{"name":"League Gothic","url":"http:\/\/\/site\/wp-content\/themes-ai1ec\/vortex\/font_css\/font-league-gothic.css"},{"name":"fontawesome","url":"http:\/\/\/site\/wp-content\/themes-ai1ec\/vortex\/font_css\/font-awesome.css"}]} );
    /* ]]> */

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  • I don’t think the plugin authors look at this forum very much. Try posting it here:

    Thank you for suggesting this alternative for gaining their assistance. It is greatly appreciated 😀

    Timely support do not reply much to their own support forms in my experience. They do, however reply quickly if you have a paid for version.

    There are issues with the version of Safari I use 5.1.8 which have never been addressed.

    So I may have to purchase their software just to get help? That’s disappointing 🙁

    The error is so crazy… why would a script from the website ( a sports clothing site, be referenced on the site I created for a church that uses no advertising? And from what I’m seeing it all points back to their plugin somehow… I could be wrong but I’d like their input.

    I’ll keep trying. Thanks for the info.

    Timely often suggest buying the paid for version to get support.

    Regrading my comment above that Timely “reply quickly if you have a paid for version” that does not seem to be the current situation. I have a support request in, Timely support system has issues, I waited a long time for a reply, when I got it they had not addressed my issues.

    Just seen this on the Timely support site.

    “For Standard Calendar users only: If you are waiting for a response from one of our support agents, please note that the current backlog has pushed our response time to 15 days.”

    Hey guys, let me add my two cents worth to this. Over the years I’ve used a ton of software (paid and free) WordPress itself and almost all the widgets and plugins that work with it are free. I have to say that free software of the quality I have seen in the WP world far exceeds anything I have ever seen!

    To expect free to do everything one desires is stretching it a bit. Especially given the fact that most of us sell what we do at our end-users. How can anyone to complain about a software developer (Timely in this case) asking us to subscribe to their paid premium support in order to get a ‘front of the queue’ fast response?

    A long time ago, a friend once told me: ‘good fish ain’t cheap and cheap fish ain’t good’. Think about that.


    After a maddening amount of research and trial and error, I determined that the problem I was having with this site in question had NOTHING to do with the Timely plugin or it’s updates. As a matter of fact, my support ticket to the Timely general public form did get a response with instructions on trouble-shooting to determine if it really was their plugin… Turns out this trouble-shooting proved it wasn’t their plugin or any other plugin at all.

    I install WP in its own directory then, when I’m ready to take the site live, I move the index and change the .htaccess and the settings > General > website url to reflect the root domain. Apparently, when I did this for this site, instead of deleting the folder name in the website url I must have hit the enter/return key. This did remove the directory name but added that pesky return which I could not see as the input is only one line in height. I checked this setting multiple times and it looked right so I didn’t look closer. Eventually I found the error by searching the database and looking into the individual field entries.

    So, I’m marking this as resolved and hope this entry helps someone else in the future. 😀

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