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    Hi Asgaros,

    Thank you for this plugin! Its seems really great. I’m still setting up the forum on my site. I like how easy it is to make the structure, and that I can customize the colors.

    One thing I had to do though was; I added the recent posts and recent topics widgets however I had to do additional CSS to change the background to match. Actually, I have the forum in a column (using page builder) and I put a color background on that. Then I went to the additional CSS to change the background of the widgets to match that same color, and the text colors as well.

    It would be neat if even more customization was added for color options, or just make the widgets match the forum colors.

    Also I’ve been playing around with figuring out how to embed things in posts. I searched for other plugins that may be of use but didn’t see anything. I actually decided to try your plugin because it was the only one that is compatible with the current version of WordPress and it looked good and had good reviews. So far I’m not disappointed, but if there were a way to add buttons for quick embedding of things like videos, social media posts etc. I have Jetpack installed which includes the shorthand code options. So I can still embed those things just fine by typing the shortcode in posts, but maybe if there were button options that when you press it, they prompt the user for the link and it automatically processes it, rather than a person having to type the shortcode out- That would be nice.

    Also it would be neat to allow for adding reaction buttons of the site owner’s choosing. They could upload their own button styles, or use generic ones that would be included. Even just a simple upvote/downvote option.

    Lastly, another good thing would be the capability to notify another user, Like how you can mention them in a facebook post or tweet at someone. It would be neat if you were able to do that in the forum.

    I don’t know how difficult any of these things might be to add but they are great ideas that I think you could consider.

    Otherwise, I like it so far!
    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Asgaros


    Just a short answer to this thing, because I am a little bit busy at the moment:

    but if there were a way to add buttons for quick embedding of things like videos, social media posts etc

    Just copy and paste the full link of your youtube-video/tweet/facebook-post/etc to your forum post (not embed-link) and it should get embedded automatically when you display it after posting. 🙂

    Plugin Author Asgaros


    Widget-styling: Widgets are placed inside the sidebar of your theme which is also providing same basic styling for your widgets. Thats why I dont want to override theme because most of the people want that widgets integrates perfectly into their theme. Custom CSS will do the job here, which you already figured out. 🙂

    Reactions: I added this on my todo-list:

    Mentioning users: This is already on my todo-list as well:

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