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  • I would suggest trying the Gesppa 2 Column theme, Kubrick, K2 amongst many, many other two column themes where you could very easily have what you want withough having someone else code it for you.

    Sure it requires some work to get it looking just right, but it’s just graphics, as far as I can see, and you do it all by replacing some graphics and changing the CSS.

    I’m sure someone will be able to help you, but I also certainly think it’s better to learn something out of this experience. What if tomorrow you have another layout and decide you want to change x, y and z? Would you rather know how to do it yourself than having to wait hours, days, or even weeks and months for something to say “I can do that for you”. Simply put, there is nothing there that cannot be done with some work with an existing template. Or you can code it from scratch which would teach you even more and it would YOURS.

    I really, really think it would be beneficial for you. But that’s just my HO.

    Good luck

    =( coud youplease point me to some tutorials which show you how to code my design for wordpress, I wanted to get this done ASAP really but looks like it will not be up for months now, especially with my codin skills.

    well i’ve gone through several designs myself, i’ve been setting up a blog using wordpress for myself since decemeber 2004, it’s now april I think. I have no coding skills, I’m not a designer, but I have bags of patience, even though I use blogging for my therapy, I’ve decided that if I’m going to create a design, I should do it right, get it working and then start fussing over the blogging.

    If you want, you can use an existing design, set that up for your blog while you work on the design by creating a test site for your wordpress. That way you can blog while working on the design, and you don’t have to wait for months. The fact is, you can’t wave a magic wand and have this done in seconds. I’m guessing your email box has been rather vacant with offers for coding your site.

    As for tutorials. If you want to create a theme from scratch, read this:

    When you talk about coding, the majority of what you will do is CSS. There are plenty of CSS resources here:

    Now, I don’t want you to galnce over a few sites and say I don’t get it. These resources are there to help you understand, if you find something you can’t get working when you try it, then ask away.

    Your third option is to pay someone to build your theme for you – there are many people that will be able to invest time for a fee, but then perhaps you feel you don’t have much in the way of money, or that you don’t want to pay for it. Either way, a request like this is not pushing the boundries of a community, but seeing as everyone has their own life to run, it’s a case of someone finding time to fit this project in with the rest of their things before it happens.

    Again, I would suggest you find an existing template like the ones I mentioned which can be found at or better yet, check out where you can view the themes live in front of your very eyes and pick one that closely resembles the layout of your design and then change the graphics.

    There is no quick solution to this, and you won’t find anyone parting the red sea.

    Hope that helps

    Well I am interested in aying someone, the thing is I am still at school and do not have any money at the moment. I just got a job but will not get paid for another month.

    If anyone is interested I could set them up with some webhosting (cpanel) in exchange for coding my layout.

    If there is no one who is interested I will understand and try and give it a shot myself. =)

    Good idea!!

    Does not look like I am going to get it done =(

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