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  • I don’t know how long this has gone on but I was just alerted to my blog not working in IE 7.06. I use Firefox 3.05 mainly. I’ve done some work lately but not sure where to start analyzing what is wrong. I’ve seen several forum posts on similar problems and even some resolves by no info listed on how they resolved it. Thanks

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  • Do not copy and paste from MS Word because it adds bad code that IE hates. Either remove the bad code or repaste your text from a text editor like notepad.

    OK, do I need to retype the whole thing? and could you please tell me how the heck does one get a different font using the posting options? I don’t remember this being a problem when I first set up the blog but it is now. Thanks for teh quick reply!

    Copy your text, paste it into notepad, and then copy it from notepad and paste it into WordPress. Style your text in WordPress. If you want a different default font for your post text, then edit your css in your theme’s style.css (Google css font for instructions).

    Excellent! Thanks so much!

    OK, I must have not done something right. I copied the text into Notepad and saved it as .txt. Then I opened Edit for that post, selected everthing , deleted and pasted everything from the Notepad file. Save and Publish but nothing in IE again.
    SO, I went into IE, WP dashboard and created a new post called “Making IE Work” and pasted the text from the NOtepad file. Still nothing shows up in the first half of the center or right sheets, its all down below.
    What now?

    The Making IE Work post is now free of Word code (very good), but you also have a Byte-Order Mark (BOM), which IE also hates. For fixing it, see:

    Could somebody give me some advice on my Front page please.

    I think it’s a code error:

    I am having problem with front page of my blog and was wondering how to fix it. I bought word press for Dummies – and I must be a big Dummy as I can’t seem to find the page relating to my problem. If you look at my site then you will hopefully see what I mean. There is a large GAP at the top of the page and I can’t seem to find a solution to fix this – would anybody know where I should look to start to fix this?


    I am in LA and if there were any classes I could attend for Word Press I would love to hear of them too.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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